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On the soapbox

Few charitable causes do so much for humankind by helping one person at a time, as does the Innocence Project of Florida. So I’m up on my soapbox to recommend you spend just a few minutes viewing the IPF’s new video here. End Bag, the […]

Who Dat claiming to be me?

Going through the mail recently, an envelope caused me anxiety. The outside merely carried the logo and some ad copy for AT&T, but that’s now a name that grabs my attention, and not in a good way. The telecommunications giant did nothing to harm me. […]

The Boomers contemplate life

If time gets tight when she’s delivering a speech, Dr. Mary S. Furlong can hurry through the PowerPoint and speak over the chuckles after her one-liners. Speeding up is easy, because she has studied her topic for 23 years. But when she answers questions from […]