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Step back in time by stepping aboard a Maine Windjammer

ROCKLAND, ME – Your checklist before boarding one of the Maine windjammers, venerable sailing ships that slice through cool, emerald-green, coastal waters: / Something to read. / Something to talk about, including yourself. / Longsleeves, shortsleeves, raingear, a swimsuit — but not socks / Romantic […]

Plan ahead for your shore excursions

Plan ahead for your shore excursions

Above: Locals and visitors stroll among the compact, centuries-old streets of Quebec City’s Lower Town. CHARLOTTETOWN, Prince Edward Island, Canada — Cameron MacDonald, who never met Edward Palmer, is busy trashing the man: “He was a politician, and a landowner who taxed his tenants, and he […]

Cruising through the world’s aquarium

Cruising through the world’s aquarium

Above: Usually, the kayaks and zodiacs from Safari Endeavour reached empty beaches. Baja California Sur, Mexico – About to board an open boat for a whale-watching trip, a well-traveled businesswoman says she is a little disappointed in our weeklong voyage through the Sea of Cortes: She […]

All that glistens … may be Stockholm

STOCKHOLM — What reflects the sunlight more sharply in this handsome city: the painted facades of centuries-old buildings, the waters wrapping around the 14 islands that comprise Stockholm, or the blonde hair of most residents? Or maybe the light is just a facet of the […]

Disney does Alaska — differently

Juneau, Alaska — Larry Stauffer’s job assignment the past couple of years has been pretty straightforward: Figure out how to make the standard shore excursions in the busy Alaskan market so special that passengers aboard the Disney Cruise Line’s first-ever trips there this summer will […]

Disney’s new ship makes dreams come true

It’s getting so a cruise passenger can’t even stroll the 1,115-foot-long ship in private without launching interactivity. Which is exactly what the creative gang at the Walt Disney conglomerate, the Imagineers, has been planning for years. The venue is the company’s first new ship since […]

Norway boasts spectacular scenery, fascinating history

Sheer granite walls, waterfalls, historical architecture and museums explaining life from the 1300s to the 1900s — and all the fish you can eat.

You gotta’ shop around

CRUISING IN THE GULF OF MEXICO – So let me get this straight: I booked my trip on Holland America’s Ryndam 11 weeks before departure, reserving a deluxe Verandah suite for myself and my wife, for which I paid about $1,650. But the last afternoon […]

When being a teenager is too old

Aboard the Ryndam — This isn’t your grandmother’s Holland America fleet. More hot bars – one featuring a flight of six mini martinis — an Italian specialty restaurant carved from the pool deck’s buffet-line eatery, smart seating in the big theater room. Also, more denim, […]

Cruise ship Wind Spirit

Uh-oh, there’s trouble in paradise. Barely half an hour into the pool-deck barbecue dinner, while there is still lobster tail on the grill, lots of meat left on the roast pig and jumbo shrimp in the ice bowl, it has begun to rain on the […]