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Panama Canal, Part One: Mission Impossible

Transiting the Panama Canal is a slow affair. Entering the six chambers of the locks, ships might move just 2 miles per hour, and motoring through the entire 50-mile passage can easily take eight hours. Along the way, your ship passes lushly forested hills and […]

Panama Canal, Part Two: Watching mules and a laptop

Colon, Panama — Shortly before 3 p.m. on a mid-January day, Eric Hendricks comes aboard the 100-passenger ship Pacific Explorer. He is one of 290 pilots who take control of ships entering the canal. With him are workers who fasten cables to posts at the […]

Size Does Matter

Like marriage, your vacation is often a series of compromises. That is never more certain than when picking a cruise. Will it be a megaship, carrying thousands of passengers but offering a spa, swimming pools and multiple dining choices? Or will it be a cozy […]